Team TinelI

“Just the name "Red Bull Defiance" makes you think of something special. And something special is what all athletes got to experience. The two-day course took us through stunning scenery. We mountain biked along rough single tracks, crossed streams and climbed over various passes and bombed down some wicked fire breaks. We paddled through crystal clear lake water and negotiated some white water sections. We ran along lakefronts, more single track and climbed up Mt Roy and had the most stunning views over the whole Wanaka region. I absolutely loved the course and it's challenges and can't wait to come back and do it all over again in 2015.”


Team Hilary Foods
Hamish Fleming

"Red Bull Defiance is an event not to miss. The organisation, course and the competition combined to produce a world-class event that I will certainly compete in again next year. The transport to the start on day 1 was also a highlight. Bussing out to a barge that had a Red Bull Humvee parked on it blasting out tunes was a unique start to that day and cruising across Lake Wanaka was an experience in itself. A great chance to catch up with friends and soak in the views.
Having the Red Bull helicopters buzzing around as we raced also added to the excitement and provided some great media coverage of the race. Seeing the event screen later on Sky TV was also pretty cool and it allowed me to share my race experience with friends and family all over NZ.
These little things (and many more) all combined to leave me truly satisfied with RBD 2014 and very excited about the future. It’s only going to get better!"

Team peugot


"The course really was spectacular and Red Bull remained true to their image by not creating a Kiwi kid triathlon like race that pulled the masses, but instead created a true course that would make sure even the best athletes knew they had done two day of serious racing and setting the benchmark for professionally run multisport events!"


Team NZ Adventure
Dougal Allan

“The Red Bull Defiance came and went on Friday and Saturday and has kind of left me speechless. It was such an incredible experience to race at home over such a mind-blowingly spectacular course, alongside Braden and with the support of our friends and local community. The organisation of this event was 10/10 and I can instantly rate this as one of the greatest events I have ever been lucky enough to compete in/complete.”


Team Peak Adventure
Jarad Kohlar

"The RBD has a first class sponsor, is a first class event, with a first class course and first class competition. Bring on the RBD 2016, I want more......"


Team Marmot Outside Sports
Sia Svenson

“The course was hard but the format of team racing is great regardless of whether you elite or recreational athlete. The Red Bull crew and volunteers did an amazing job pulling off a new race in such style and next year will be even better so would be great to be on the start line again next year.”


Team Red Bull France,
Mimi & Jacky Boisset

"Well, What's the Red Bull Defiance? To be clear for all the sport community, it's a 2 days multisport (kayak, run, mtb, ropes...) event designed by an athlete and this is the key of the success. So you can get challenge, competition, good media coverage, a lot of mountains, good spirit, easy rules, prize money...so all the things that a racer can expect about a race. 

About the organization is the same conclusion...first edition but so successful, why? Because it was thinking from a top athlete, so the rules are clear, easy and fair for everybody.

We are sure to be back next year in Wanaka for chapter two of Red Bull Defiance, be prepared because Mimi & Jacky are hungry for victory!"

Keith Murray

Team Breen Homes
Keith Murray

“The course was hard but the format of team racing is great regardless of whether you elite or recreational athlete. The Redbull crew and volunteers did an amazing job pulling off a new race in such style and next year will be even better so would be great to be on the start line again next year.”


Team Subway
Richard Usher

“Had a fantastic time at the inaugural Red Bull Defiance in Wanaka - nothing like 3 helicopters and the red Bull hummer to get the competition pumped up! Course was amazing - tough but the highlights made the pain worth it - definitely on the list for 2016”

Joanna Williams


"Last year I got the opportunity to race in Red Bull Defiance for the first time alongside my good friend Sia Svenson.  Living in the area, I knew the course was spectacular, but also tough.  What an opportunity to race against the best off road endurance athletes in the world and to be able to show case the spectacular scenery of my home to the world.
It was one of the most scenic races I have done, very well organised and gave all racers the opportunity to go places that are otherwise inaccessible.  Such a pleasure to race from home and have the local support, with so many Volunteers and people of Wanaka getting behind the event.  Thank you Red Bull for running such a world class multisport staged race.  I hope to do it again 2017, hard to resist taking part in one of the best races on the calendar. "



"Red Bull Defiance 2016 exceeded all expectations. Combine three of the best sports - kayaking, mountain biking and trail running, over a two-day race through Wanaka's backcountry and mountaintops, unsurprisingly you end up with a stunning race. The two-person team definitely adds another element to the race. It's a different mindset, you need to focus on how two people are feeling, make joint decisions based on each other's strengths and weaknesses. The race start, in itself feels like the start of an epic adventure, catching a barge across the stormy lake, helicopters swooping low. There is never a lack of adrenaline, with a breathtaking abseil and clay bird shooting as added extras when you are feeling absolutely knackered! The final run to the top of Mt Roy is the icing on the cake, feeling like a true sky runner as you navigate a breathtaking ridgeline track before coming to the finish line in the heart of Wanaka. Bring on RBD 2017!

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"Personally I think this is one of the most beautiful race course I have done since I stared racing. It feels kind of unreal, at time during the race I feel like I’m a bubble, I love toes mountains, the scenery and the challenge that come with it like the weather. It is so unpredictable; I need to be ready for everything. I also love this race, because I get to race some of the best Athletes in the world. I’m also very proud to have a race like this right on my door step, it’s so special and I’m very excited to share this amazing place with others and hopefully it will attract more people from all over the world to experience what I’m talking about."

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