Register here to volunteer for Red Bull Defiance 20/21 January 2018 http://redbulldefiance.volunteerlocal.com/volunteer/?id=18595

Volunteers are vitally important to the set-up and running of events like Red Bull Defiance. We need your help, energy and expertise to make this event happen and we value every hour that you can donate. We endeavor to make sure that your experience will be rewarding and exciting and that the culture that we create around volunteering for the event will mean that you meet new like-minded friends and want to get involved next year. You might even be so inspired that you want to enter as a competitor.

If you would like to become a volunteer at Red Bull Defiance, we would love to hear from you. Below are some of the roles available as part of the Red Bull Defiance Volunteer Crew. Some roles are only for a couple of hours, if you’d like to help all day, we will be able to schedule you to move to another location and see a different part of the course.


What will I get in return for volunteering my time?
We will provide you with a delicious lunch box from Oakridge for each day you help out, a Red Bull Defiance Trucker cap, an in charger for your mobile phone, a lot of thank yous and appreciation from all the athletes and Red Bull Defiance team.

Is there an age restriction?
There is no age restriction, but we ask that anyone under the age of 16 is accompanied by an adult. We will use our discretion as to the best location for each individual.

How long will I be needed for?
Different roles vary in length; you can choose a role that fits for the time you have available. 

When is the volunteers briefing?
Wednesday 18th of January 5pm – 6pm at Oakridge. Drink and nibbles will be served on arrival.

Do I have to be super fit and into adventure activities to help out?
No, we have lots of different positions from helping in transition to driving and managing gear to marshal positions at the top of mountain or out on a bike leg.

Are there any paid jobs?
Unfortunatly we are all sorted for paid staff but if you are keen to get into the event industry then volunteering is a great way to get a foot in the door and show how you work.

Do I have to have my own car?
No, we can help sort transport for you to get to your volunteer location .

Sounds great. How do I sign up?

Have a read below of the job outlines and register online here to select the role you're most interested in.



Abseil Marshal- Assisting with various roles on Rocky Hill around the abseil stage. Roles include informing public of event, manual timing, putting harnesses onto athlete, carrying harnesses up hill, unclipping athletes from base of abseil

Driver- Capable and experienced drivers who would be happy to drive volunteer groups (any staff) to and from transition areas.

Finish line- Assisting at finish area/ recovery tent

Happy with anything- You're available all day and are happy to be go anywhere, within reason, and to do anything, within reason, wherever and whenever we need you the most. Times of shifts will vary and we will check with you before we put your there.

Infrastructure Team- These volunteers are key to building up and taking down all the event infrastructure – a hugely important job.

Kayak Transition Assistant- Assisting athletes as they get out their kayaks, pulling kayaks up onto beach, physical work.

Massage Therapist- Providing short massages to finishing competitors in the recovery tent.

Motorbike Marshal- confident and experienced motor-bikers/ trail-bike riders with their own bikes so support the out of the way locations.

MTB Course Marshal- If you're a keen MTBiker, your help is needed to ensure directions, safety, and support is provided to all of the athletes. Ideally you have a first aid qualification and some bike tech knowledge.

Run Course Marshal- Your help is needed to ensure directions, safety, and support is provided to all of the athletes. Some locations maybe a fair distance from the nearest car access so you may need a MTB to get there or be happy to walk to your position. The day 2 final run will require marshals to go for a bit of a hike (up to 2 hours one way, 4 hours return). This is not a job for the faint hearted but you will be rewarded for your assistance with this stage of the course.

Tail-end Charlie- You are a vitally important part of the race. Following the last athlete and notifying the volunteers and collecting and signage markers and rubbish. You need to be fit and strong as you are riding/ running the same course as the athletes.

Transition AssistantAssisting athletes with gear in transition, organising the gear bags to directing athletes in and out of transition. Managing all food and drinks at transition aid stations and ensuring athletes get the nutrition they need.

Thank you for your support

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